JULY 3-6 2008


The Onyar River in Girona



There is less than a year left until the World Expo!

The World Expo is considered the most important event in the figure modeling hobby, because it is  a true international  occasion, with a  large number of exhibits and visitors and participants  from all over the world.  The first Expo was held in 1993 in Washington DC, and now takes place every three years. In addition to Washington, successful expos have been held in Paris in 1996, Toronto in 1998, Glasgow in 2000, Rome in 2002 and Boston in 2005.  It is sponsored by the World Model Soldier Federation, and organized by a club or group in the host city.  

 In 2008 the Expo will be held in  Girona Spain, under the auspices of El Baluard, who have arranged for an excellent venue for the show at the Palau des Fires, as well as numerous special events connected with it. 

El Baluard has organized a Committee of Honor, consisting of civil and military leaders of the city, the region and the country, along with prominent names in the hobby. Many of these Honor Committee members will be attending the Expo.

The King of Spain has graciously consented to serve as honorary President of this Committee of Honor.  Although he is not expected to be able to attend the Expo personally, it is customary that a member of the Royal family be there to represent him.

El Baluard is providing extensive information on the Expo on their website.


On Thursday, there is a reception in the city hall and then a dinner with the organization.

On Friday,  the Expo officially opens. There will be a reception for representatives of the different countries involved in the various sieges of Girona throughout history (France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria ) and that evening, there will be a traditional Roman parade by the 123 soldiers of the Manaies. This event is one of the greatest traditions in the city and normally takes place at Easter; this will mark only the third time in the last century that it has been held on another date. 

On Saturday, there will be a spectacular  “castellers" (human towers) performance in front of the cathedral, followed by a medieval dinner in the old quarter of the city.

Finally, Sunday will be a the Napoleonic day, with closing ceremonies and the Gala Dinner.  

In addition, the organizers are planning a variety of different events during  WE2008, such as a Napoleonic music parade in the streets of Girona, a Royal Spanish Guard Concert in the Auditorium, along with  performances and concerts,  guided visits around Girona and its surroundings, special art  exhibitions, etc.


Girona is one of the more evocative historic centers of Catalonia and the Barri Vell, located between the sea and the mountains of Northeastern Spain. A lovely city  where everything is within walking distance, offering the cutural attractions of a big city but without the traffic or other drawbacks; a city  whose streets, celebrations, cultural offerings, and restaurants seduce all the senses.  Its architectural attractions includes El Call with its spectacular Cathedral, Barroc’s staircase, the colorful Houses on the Onyar river, and picturesque areas like the old Jewish quarter.


Girona is close to Barcelona (100 km or about 60 miles) and its international airport, which has direct flights from many cities. Americans may have to change planes in London or Paris to get the best air fares. 
From Europe it's easy to travel to Girona by train. The train station is in the center of the city and only a five-minute walk  from the Palau de Fires.


El Baluard has arranged for a local travel agency to coordinate all the hotel reservations, organized trips, events, visits, etc. Special Expo prices have already been negotiated.

There are more than 800 rooms in the hotels of Girona, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. There are also pensions and apartments you can rent. City officials expect that 200-300 more rooms will be available  by the time WE2008 takes place

The Expo organizers have negotiated reduced prices with the hotels and pensions. We suggest you to book your reservations through the official WE2008 web site.

If there are not enough rooms in Girona, additional rooms will be available in the city of Roses. Located on the Mediterranean Coast in the beautiful Costa Brava (the Spanish Riviera), Roses is a major tourist attraction. A very nice place to stay with the family, relax and enjoy your holidays in Girona.

If you stay in Roses, the Expo organizers are arranging buses to transport people to and from the Expo in  Girona. This information will soon be available on the WE2008 website, with a list of  hotels included in this option.

Some of the activities planned for WE2008 will take place in Roses.

In addition, Roses and the area around it offer many places to visit.  The Dalí Museum and the Archeological site  at Ampuries are very close to Roses, and the   the historic Citadel of Roses is not to be missed. For more information on Roses, visit the town website.  You can ask the travel agency to organize special itineraries for you. They can even arrange group reservations for clubs or other groups traveling together. 


Girona is a big city, but small enough that nearly everything is within walking distance. You can walk from one side of the city to the other in half an hour. There are also buses and taxis if you are in a hurry or have limited mobility.

If you are staying outside of Girona, you may want to rent a car, especially if you want to see some of the surrounding countryside 


With so many things to see and do in the area it’s easy to extend your trip beyond the few days of the Expo. Before or after the show you can spend more time  in Girona, Barcelona, at the beaches…

Remember, for any travel needs or questions, just contact the WE2008  travel agency by clicking the  “reservation” link on the Expo website.


 El Baluard, organizer of the World Expo Girona 2008,  offers an online newsletter in English to keep interested modelers abreast of  the last news about the Expo. To see all issues of the newsletter, go to the World Expo 2008 website.